They’ve arrived. Drones in NYC.

A pedestrian stops to study a rogue drone in Delancey yesterday. Photo © Phyllis B. Dooney

After meeting up with a journalist friend yesterday in Chinatown I happened upon an unusual scene on Delancey St. It seems a surveillance drone was perched [lost?] on the sidewalk with it’s lights blinking and propellors spinning wildly. The pedestrians

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NY Times Metro Section! June 8!

Me, in Tomioka, part of the nuclear exclusion zone.

I am reporting from Japan where I just finished shooting the Tomioka and Kawauchi nuclear refugees for the third time. I was happily surprised to see that many of them are doing quite well — all things considered — and

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“Bitches say shit and they ain’t say nothin’”


Tonight I am back in my robe, watching terrible, offensively useless television. I returned back home — dejected and discouraged — after trekking out to Brooklyn and being stood up. I am working on a story (hint: after school programs)

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When the lights go out…


…some of us find ourselves trapped. In the worst neighborhood, our own head.

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BI (Before Instagram)


There were Polaroids from the beloved Land Camera.

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this weekend: Dumbo Arts Festival

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East River Ferry a la Instagram

photo copy 4

Did everyone but me realize there is a ferry  (the East River Ferry) that runs from Southstreet Seaport across to Brooklyn, proceeds up the coastline with a final stop in Greenpoint (after Dumbo, S Williamsburg and N Williamsburg) before heading

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Photoville is just around the corner!


Don’t miss out on Photoville — photography shows, outdoor “county fair” atmosphere,” workshops, talks and even a dog run –  coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park on June 22.

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Donald Yip


I am pleased to feature some of Donald Yip’s photographs for you all to enjoy. I met Donald while working for TimeOut in New York. Donald has since gone back Down Under and he is busily pursuing his photography in other

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Screen Shot 2012-05-12 at 6.24.52 PM

My current project The Mighty Muddy has a new face! Please visit – like ‘us’ ‘friend’ us ‘fan’ us — at our new Facebook page. It’s official, we are part of cyber high society.

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